Postcard and ID Code

The postcard you received in the mail has your unique ID located above your name in the address block

Tenant Screening Applicant Security Postcard

ScreeningWorks Applicant Security

Why did I receive a postcard from ScreeningWorks titled
"Important information about your recent rental application?"

ScreeningWorks provides landlords and rental property owners with online tenant reports to assist them while making rental applicant decision. These reports contain background checks and a credit evaluation of you, the applicant.

We require that landlords pass strict Identity Verification and Authentication tests before they are allowed to use ScreeningWorks.

In addition, landlords are required to have your written consent for a tenant screening with your signed rental application.

If you have received a postcard from ScreeningWorks but you have not recently applied for an apartment, please contact us and we will begin an investigation. Please have your unique ID code, located on the first line of your mailing address on the postcard we sent you. We take protecting your identity seriously.

Email our Security Team: security@screeningworks.com

Call us: 1-888-401-7999, option 2