Online Tenant Screening, Rental Background Checks, and Criminal Reports

ScreeningWorks provides online tenant screening for small landlords and independent rental owners (IROs). ScreeningWorks makes tenant screening simple.

Does your applicant have a criminal background?

ScreeningWorks can perform a background check, credit check and eviction check in less than a minute.


Product Package Offerings Vary by State

  • Eviction Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Credit Evaluation
  • Address Search
  • National Sex Offender
  • OFAC - US Treasury Dept. Database
  • Social Security Number Fraud Check

Easy to Read


Industry News

ScreeningWorks aggregates and translates information regarding your prospective tenants into a single, easy to read report.

Instant Response

Within seconds, ScreeningWorks enables you to gain in-depth background information on each rental applicant.


Combining the internet with ScreeningWorks simplicity, the task of screening rental applicants saves you time. Sign up and get your first background check in 15 minutes.


YARDI Resident Screening has received numerous tenant screening awards from Multi-Housing News and Buyers Access.


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YARDI Resident Screening is also a member of over 80 local and state apartment associations across the country. Click here to view a complete list.