What We Evaluate:

ScreeningWorks has developed an easy-to-use and understand credit evaluation scale based on RentGrow's over 20 years of experience evaluating credit for millions of rental tenants.

RentGrow, Inc. uses a unique scoring system specifically geared towards evaluating credit for tenancy. Factors include:

  • How recent was the credit problem?
  • What type of credit problem was it?
  • How much money was involved?
  • And, for late payments, how late was it?

credit report example


An applicant's "Credit Evaluation Risk" falls in a scale with ratings Minimal, Elevated or Serious Credit Risk (See example above). Click on the levels below for details on how ScreeningWorks comes up with these ratings:

Please Note: In compliance with the National Credit Bureau's consumer information protection requirements, ScreeningWorks is unable to provide small landlords with a full credit report or a FICO credit score.

What We Don't Evaluate:

There are some credit items that are known to not be indecative of rental payment behaviou. As a result, the following items are filtered out of each applicant's credit report when determining their level of credit risk:

Our customized scoring system offers the best way to predict how they will perform as tenants at your property. Please note that ScreeningWorks does NOT provide a recommendation of whether or not to accept an applicant. ScreeningWorks simply provides you with comprehensive information and insight into each prospective applicant.

To view a full sample screening report click here.