About ScreeningWorks: Online Tenant Screening

ScreeningWorks offers convenient, inexpensive and comprehensive online tenant screening for independent rental owners (IROs), small property managers and leasing agents.

ScreeningWorks is a product of RentGrow, Inc., an expert in the resident screening industry. RentGrow, Inc. provides applicant screening technology and services to residential property owners and management companies across the United States. Founded in 1989, we've experienced consistent customer growth and outstanding customer loyalty. Today, our customers collectively manage more than 900,000 residential apartment units nationwide.

Resident screening is our only business and it's what we do best.

Our ScreeningWorks product is the result of decades of technical advances and collaboration with our customers. Our mission is to deliver a screening solution that helps property owners protect their investments and make better informed rental applicant decisions.

ScreeningWorks is an active participant in upwards of 80 national and local industry associations, and we continue to redefine resident screening with product advancements and services that have earned us industry-wide recognition:

See for yourself what a difference the right partner can make when it comes to doing comprehensive resident screening before you hand over the keys!

Start screening your tenants now by opening your free account with ScreeningWorks. Order tenant screenings and background check reports instantly. No paperwork, no phone calls, it's all online - available 24/7 for your convenience. For more information about ScreeningWorks, visit our tenant screening FAQs today.


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